Framed Intaglios

Intaglio medallions were an international phenomenon during “The Grand Tours” between the 18th and 19th centuries before photography. The Grand Tour was a voyage from England or America to Continental Europe principally to France and Italy especially Rome, Venice, Naples, and Florence.

Wealthy tourists were exposed to classical architecture and continental art, history and music to refine and enhance  their education. The trip often took as long as four years. Writers from Charles Dickens (Little Darrit) to Margaret Mitchell (Gone with the Wind) speak of “The Grand Tour” in their writing. Collections of plaster cameos/intaglios illustrating the architectural monuments and ruins visited by the tourists were popular keepsakes and proof that one had received the benefit of this valuable and expensive trip.

Intaglios were then used to seal documents with wax or merely displayed as a show of wealth and heritage as also seen by the individual portrait intaglios. You can choose from our full collection of framed intaglios or you can customize your own selection from the frames, to mats, to even the color of the intaglios. Any combination or color can be done.